• Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Management of Agrarian, Food and Forestry systems, University of Florence, Italy.
  • Habilitation to full Professor in Economic History.
  • Habilitation to full Professor in Landscape and Urban Planning.
  • Director, CULTLAB, Laboratory for Landscape and Cultural Heritage, School of Agriculture, University of Florence. 
  • Coordinator, Interdepartmental Unit on the Management and Conservation of Landscape, University of Florence.  
  • Coordinator, International Agreement, University of Florence - Tokyo University for Agriculture and Technology.
  • Coordinator, International Agreement, University of Florence - University of Agriculture, Krakow, Poland.
  • Director, International Master Course on Agricultural Heritage- University of Florence - School of Agriculture
  • 2007-2014 , Board Member, PhD School, University of Tuscia , Viterbo.
  • 2007, Professeur invité, École Normale Supérieure, Lyon, France.
  • 2005, Guest Professor, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, USA.
  • 2003, Guest Professor, course "International Forest History of Mountain regions", BOKU, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna.
  • 1999, Guest Professor, PHD course in Forest History, Swedish Biodiversity Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Uppsala, Sweden.
  • 1997-1998, Research Fellow, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche/Deutsche Forschung Gemeinschaft, Institut fuer Forst Politik, University of Freiburg, Germany.
  • 1993, Research fellow, "Albert Junior Bell", Forest History Society (DUKE University), Durham, NC, USA.

SCIENTIFIC Appointments - International


  • Editor, Environmental History Series, Springer Verlag, International Publisher.
  • Co-Editor in chief, Global Environment - journal of history and natural and social sciences.WH Press.
  • Advisory Board Member, journal “Landscape”, Windgather Press, UK.
  • Member, International Editorial Committee, Berghahn book series "Environment in History: Internatinoal Perspective".   
  • Chair, Scientific Commitee, FAO Program   "Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems" (GIAHS).   
  • Coordinator, FAO-IUFRO, Memorandum of Understanding, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems.
  • Member, Liaison Group, UNESCO-sCBD, Joint Program on the Linkages Between Cultural and Biological Diversity.
  • Coordinator, University of Florence / sCBD-UNESCO , memorandum of understanding, Joint Program on Biocultural Diversity.
  • Board Member, UNISCAPE, Network of the Universities  for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention.  
  • Board member, International Consortium of Environmental  History Organizations (ICEHO).
  • Scientific Expert, European Landscape Convention, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France.
  • Expert evaluator, International Consortium of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), UNESCO WHL:
  • European University Institute, Florence, Global Governance Newtork, founding member.
  • Member, Scientific Committee, European Network of Local and Regional Authorities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention.
  • 2015, Italian Delegation, COP 21, Paris.
  • 2014, Scientific Coordinator,  UNESCO-sCBD Declaration on the Linkages between Cultural and Biological Diversity (Florence Declaration).
  • 2014, Co-Chair, Theme2 , Landscape as a Cultural  Habitat, ICOMOS, World General Assembly;  
  • 2014, Scientific expert, European Delegation, Conference  of the Parties (COP 12), UN Convention on Biological Diversity,  
  • 2005-2014, Coordinator, Research Group "Forest History and Traditional Knowldege" , 9.03.00, International Union of Forest Research Organizations.
  • 2010-11, European Science Foundation/COST research initiative: “Responses to Environmental and Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth”, member, scientific committee.
  • 2007, Coordinator, Guidelines for the implementation of Vienna Resolution 3 "Preserving and enhancing the social and cultural dimension of Sustainable Forest Management in Europe",Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe",
  • 2005-2009, Vice President, European Society for Environmental History.
  • 2001, Member, Working Committee "Culture and Heritage", European Community,Sub-Programm Interreg IIC, "The Problem of Mediterranean forests", International Association of Mediterranean Forests.

SCIEnTIFIC Appointments - National

  • 2019, Scientific Coordinator, UNESCO nomination, Colline del Prosecco e Valdobbiadene.
  • Scientific Coordinator, National Observatory of Rural Landscape, Ministry of Agriculture.
  • President, Landscape Observatory, Regional Government of the Tuscany Region.
  • Associate Editor, FOREST@,  Rivista Italiana di Ecologia Forestale (Italian Journal of Forest Ecology).
  • Member,  Editorial Board, Rivista Italiana di Storia Economica (Italian Journal of Economic History).  
  • President, Landscape Observatory, Regional Government of the Tuscan Region.
  • Coordinator, Rural Territory,  Management Plan, 5 Terre, Portovenere e Isola del Tino, UNESCO WH site.
  • Coordinator, Scientific Scretariat, National Observatory of Rural Landscape, Ministry of Agriiculture
  • Member, National Observatory for Rural Landscape and Traditional Agricultural Practices, Ministry of Agriculture  Food and Forestry Policies, Rome.
  • Member, Commission for the indicators of well being,  ISTAT (National Statistical Agency).  
  • Member, Scientific Commitee, Foundation  for the Protection of the Territory of the Chianti, Tuscany.   
  • Coordinator, Working Group,  History of Forest Ladscape, Italian Society for Silviculture and Forest Ecology,
  • Associate, National Council of Research, Institute for the Study of Mediterranean Societies, Naples. 
  • Board Member, Italian Trust for the Environment (FAI)
  • 2014-2015, Scientific Expert, Pavillon ZERO, Landscape Section, Universal EXPO, MIlan. 
  • 2012, Co Author, Landscape Area, Italian Pavillon, International Biennal of Architecture, Venice.   
  • 2012-2014, Scientific Coordinator for Rural Properties, FAI, Italian Trust for the Environment.  
  • 2011-2013, Scientific Director, "Florens" ,   Foundation for Cultural Heritage and Environment. Florence, Italy. 
  • 2008, Member, Commission for the plans of the Sites of Community Importance, NATURA 2000, Region of Umbria.
  • 2007-2013, Coordinator, Landscape Strategies, National Plan for Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Rome.  
  • 2007, Scientific Expert, Region of Piedmont, Regional Ecological Network. 
  • 2007, Member, Advicing Committee on Landscape and Environmental Education, Ministry of the Environment , Rome.
  • 2001, Regional Council of Tuscany,  Scientific Expert, Commission for Agriculture. 

Institutional support

Contribution to political documents:

  • 2018, National Forest Law. Coordinator of Working Group
  • 2012, Ministerial Decree,  National Observatory for Rural Landscape. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Rome.
  • 2012, Modifications to the National Forest Law (227/2001)
  • 2012, Ministerial  Decree,  National Register  of Historical Rural landscape.Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Rome.
  • 2010, Common Agricultural Policy, Cross Compliance Standard, Landscape elements.Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Rome.
  • 2007, Coordinator,  Landscape Strategies,  National Strategic Plan for rural Development ( CAP 2007-13),  Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Rome.
  • 2004, Consultant, Regional Government of Tuscany, Law n.1, 2005, for the planning of the territory.
  • 2001/2002/2003, Regional Government of Tuscany, Italy: Forest Law; Rural Development Plan, Urban and Territorial Plan.

Research projects

  • 2018, Scientific Coordinator, GIAHS Capacity Building- Asia, Africa and S.America, AICS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • 2016,Scientific Coordinator, Management Plan for  Rural Areas, UNESCO WHL site, Cinque Terre e Isola del Tino.
  • 2014, Scientific Coordinator, Project for the Restoration, of the FAI Property of Punta Mesco.  Levanto - Italy  
  • Coordinator, "National register  of historical rural landscapes", Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forest Policies, Rome.
  • 2010, Coordinator, "Monitoring system of the Italian rural landscape", Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forest Policies, Rome.  
  • 2008 and 2013,  Mauro Agnoletti has been  scientific coordinator of 6 National Special Research Projects  concerning the Italian Rural Landscape. 
  • 2006, Coordinator, Research project, City of Florence, Study on the environmental and landscape changes in the periurban area of Florence between 1800 and 2000.
  • 2002-2007, Coordinator, Regional Government of Tuscany, Departments of Agriculture, Forests, Urban Planning, Environment - Research Project for the development of a monitoring system for the Tuscan Landscape.
  • 2004, Coordinator, research project, Department of Environmental Policy, Regional Government of Tuscany "Guidelines for the management of landscape resources in the protected areas of Tuscany".
  • 2003, Coordinator, Research Project, Mountain community of the Mugello Valley (Florence), Project for the constitution of the landscape park of the Appennine mountain in Moscheta.
  • 2008, Coordinator, Department of Environmental Policy, Regional Government of Tuscany: "Guidelines for the environmental impact assessment  of windmill farms ".
  • 2002/2003, Coordinator, Indicators for landscape management, Research Project: "Xarxa tematica d'Historia Ambiental i Paesages Culturals" University of Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2002, Director, research project, Regional Government of Tuscany/ Portland State University/IUFRO/ Forest History Society/University of Florence: "Analysis and management of landscape resources in Tuscany".


  • Environmental and Landscape History, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Florence.
  • Planning of the Rural Territory, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Florence.  
  • Teacher, Master Course "World Natural Heritage Management", School for the Planning and Management of the Territory. Province of Trento. Italy.
  • 2010, Scientific Coordinator, Master Class "Living Landsacpe",  UNISCAPE, European University Institute.Florence. 
  • 2012, University of Pollenzo (Slow Food), Italy. Course on Landscape and Sustainable Development.
  • 2005-2010,   "Ecological Planning", Faculty of Agriculture, Univeristy of Florence.
  • 2008,  "Ecological Planning", Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence.
  • 2006-2007, Economic development and landscape resources,  Master Course: " Economy of Sustainable Development", University of Magna Grecia, Catanzaro, Italy.
  • 2005, Planning sustainability in cultural landscapes, Portland State University, Portland Oregon, USA
  • 2003, History and Management of Italian landscape, Portland State University, Oregon, USA.
  • 2003, "International Forest History of Mountain regions", BOKU, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna.
  • 2002, teacher, international course "Integrated conservation of heritage territories and landscapes", International Centre for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ICCROM), in collaboration with UNESCO, 18-13 Dicembre 2002, Rome.
  • 1999, Guest Professor , PHD course in Forest History, Swedish Biodiversity Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Uppsala, Sweden.
  • 1998, Guest Professor, Institut fuer Forstpolitik, Albert Ludwig Universitaet, Freiburg (Germany), Course of Forest History.
  • 1995, teacher, Course, "The evolution of forest techniques from medieval times to present" Institute of economic history Francesco Datini, Prato, Italy.


  • Gambrinus prize, 1994, 2001 (co-author).
  • Region of Tuscany - Ministry of the Enviroment, award for studies on landscape conservation, 2006
  • Region of Tuscany, Ideal City Prize 2008. Project for the Rural Landscape Park of Moscheta.
  • Gambrinus Prize, 2012, jury nomination.

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