The study area coincides with the Municipality of Castagneto Carducci. The study showed a situation that differs significantly from other parts of Tuscany, especially for what concern its historical evolution during which profound transformations in a relatively short period, has introduced some new features in the local landscape that have become representative of the cultural identity perceived currently. Differently from other areas in Tuscany, this territory has not undergone an important abandonemen, and agricultural activities are still really important for the local economy, even if the economic sector is dominated by tourism. The last two centuries of history have therefore seen the radical transformation of a landscape structure of Lombard origin, with the total disappearance of the chestnut woods and the emergence of specialized crops and coppiced woods.

Dowload here the index and the introduction of the book (in Italian).


Old pictures of the avenue that leads to Bolgheri, with the famous cypresses planted in 1834.

Castagneto cipressi1  castagneto cipressi2

Tab with the main indexes related to the increase of specialized viticulture in the Municipality of Castagneto Carducci.

Castagneto vigneti

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