Global environment

Editors in Chief: 

Mauro Agnoletti (University of Florence, Italy)

Gabriella Corona (National Research Council, Naples, Italy)


The half-yearly journal "Global Environment. A Journal of History and Natural and Social Sciences" intends to act as forum and echo chamber for ongoing researches on the environment and world history, with special regard to the modern and contemporary ages. The principal objective is to understand the processes that have led to the present state of our environment, as well as differences between its state and management today and in past epochs. The journal will not limit itself to promoting historical studies. It will also offer space to texts dealing with current times. The intent is to stimulate and gather studies and researches that, in spite of diverse approaches and themes, share an environmental perspective from which to look at the problems of the world and its history, including economic development, social and productive relations, government, and relations between peoples.

One of the journal's main commitments should be to bring together different areas of expertise in both the natural and the social sciences to help them find a common language and a common perspective in the study of history. It is not a matter of abstractly proclaiming the need for interdisciplinarity; rather, there is a need for more and better contributions to our knowledge of the environment and its history employing a wide range of sources and methods. The approaches and methods of environmental historians have changed a lot over the last few years, and have seen the contribution of disciplines other than traditional historiography.

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