Curriculum vitae

Mauro Agnoletti

Short curriculum:

Current Appointments

  • Chair holder, UNESCO Chair Agricultural Heritage Landscapes. Institute of Higher Studies , University of Florence, Italy.
  • Associate Professor, DAGRI, School of Agriculture University of
  • Coordinator – Laboratory for Landscape and Cultural Heritage of the University of Florence
  • Coordinator, Interdepartmental Unit on Management and Conservation of Rural Landscape, University of Florence.
  • Director, Master“Agricultural Heritage Systems”, School of Agriculture, University of Florence.
  • Vice President: International Association of Landscape Ecology (IALE)
  • Scientific Expert, National Observatory for Rural Landscape, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests.
  • Scientific Expert, Landscape Observatory, Regional Government of Tuscany, Italy.
  • Scientific Committee Member, Italian Association of Food Districts.
  • President, Scientific Committee, National Association of Historical Rural Landscapes.
  • Scientific expert, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, European Landscape
  • Expert Evaluator, UNESCO World Heritage
  • Co-Editor in chief “Global Journal of interdisciplinary history”, White Horse Press.
  • Editor in chief, book series on Environmental History, Springer
  • Associate Editor , Biodiversity and Conservation, International Scientific Journal (Springer)


Past Appointments

  • 2016-2022, Coordinator, Scientific Secretariat, National Observatory for Rural Landscapes, Ministry of Agriculture (Italy).
  • 2016-2021, Chair, Scientific Committee, FAO world program “Globally Important Agricultural Heritage   Systems”.
  • – 2016-2021 President, Landscape Observatory, Regional Government of Tuscany, Italy.‑
  • 2014, Chair, Scientific Committee UNESCO-CBD declaration on biocultural diversity.
  • 2004-2014; Coordinator, Research Group “Forest History and traditional knowledge”, International Union of ForestResearch Organizations (IUFRO)
  • 2007-13, Coordinator, Landscape Strategy, National Plan for Rural Development (Italy)
  • 2005-2009, Vice president, European Society for Environmental

Contribution to policies:

  • 2022, Representative of the National Observatory of Rural Landscape, National Strategic Plan for the EU Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027, Ministry of Agriculture, Rome.
  • 2018, contribution to Italian Forest Law (TUFF, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests)
  • 2017, contribution to the Law on Wine  (Testo Unico sul Vino), Ministry of Agriculture, Rome.
  • 2015, Contribution to Revision of the Forest Law, Regional Government of Tuscany.
  • 2012, Revision of the National Forest Law n.227/2001;
  • 2027, Coordinator, Guidelines for the implementation of the 3rd pillar of Sustainable Forest Management in Europe (Social and Cultural Values), MCPFE.


Mauro Agnoletti has attended about 340 national and international meetings, 225 of them as invited speakers. He  was invited speaker at the COP on Climate in Bonn (D) in 2017; the High Level Segment Meeting at the COP on Biodiversity in Hadong Korea in 2018; The State of the European Union in Florence, 2023.


He has written more than 250 papers and 22 books.

The Paper:

Agnoletti M., 2014, Rural landscape, nature conservation and culture: Some notes on research trends and management approaches from a (southern)European perspective, Landscape and Urban Planning.  126 (2014) 66-73

Was ranked  among  the 1%  of the most read papers in the field by the Web of Science in 2016-2019

The book:

Agnoletti M. ed., Italian Historical Rural Landscapes. Cultural Values for the Environment and Rural Development, Springer, Dordrecht and New York, 2012.

Was ranked among the 25% of the most downloaded book by Springer in2013 .


  • 2022, Co-Winner, FAO-World Food Forum, Transformative Research Challenge, Roma.
  • In 2019-21 he was included among the most influencial researchers in the world by Plos Biology.
  • 2019, Bologna Award, Fondazione Fico, per gli studi sulla pianificazione del paesaggio rurale.
  • 2008, Regione Toscana, Prize “Città Ideale”, project  for  the Parco del Paesaggio Rurale di Moscheta.
  • 2006, Regione Toscana/Ministero dell’Ambiente –Diploma Award for his studies on landscape.